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Quality at an affordable price

A baby sleeping bag or sleeping bag for children from The Dream Bag, is a high quality product at an affordable price. We forego elaborate and expensive advertising in parent magazines and distribution through baby stores. Through direct sales via our online store, we pass on to you the savings and offer high-quality baby sleeping bags at an affordable price.

Our Dream is Dream Bags!

The desire to work flexibly and spend more time with their children inspired a UK family to produce quality baby sleeping bags. After a year of tireless investigating & hard work prior to launch, The Dream Bag was born which pulled together the best of all the current baby sleeping bags at a sensible price.

Their vision has enabled us to offer parents in Canada the same high quality baby sleeping bags. We are sure that you will love them as much as we do. Sleep Safe and Sound in The Dream Bag.

What will your baby dream in tonight?

Unlike blankets, The Dream Bag cannot be kicked off during the night so baby does not get cold and wake up
Baby knows it’s naptime or bed time when placed in The Dream Bag
The Dream Bag is safe as it cannot slip over baby’s head
Baby can be cuddled to sleep in their Dream Bag and put in their cot without waking
Baby is happy in The Dream Bag and settles when on holiday or away from home when in a unfamiliar room
Baby’s feet are less likely to get caught in the bars of their cot when snug in The Dream Bag

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